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Call Us Today!
(210) 596-3100
Call Us Today!
(210) 596-3100


We specialize in residential and commercial trash pickup and haul off. From new construction sites to small remodeling jobs, we can come in and clean up the jobsite in the same day in most cases. We can help you with all of your grunt work. Our professional and courteous crew can clean up your act with style, leaving your home or business free of any unsightly junk or trash. Give our friendly staff a call today and see what our trash-clearing crew can do for you. We’ll be down in the dumps, so you never have to be.  

Last Load Dumpster Service

San Antonio, TX 78211
Phone: (210) 596-3100


8:00 am - 8:00pm
Sun Closed Estimates only


We also can deliver small loads of topsoil, sand, base, etc. We haul off old roofing materials as well as tree brush. Concrete tear-outs are no problem. Is your mountain of trash making you feel like a hoarder? Our expert crew can get rid of your rubbish, and leave you feeling clean and debris-free. 

Servicing San Antonio and surrounding areas.


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Give us a call today, and we’ll give you an estimate. From weekly to monthly, we can come up with a trash pick-up schedule that works for you. 

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